Celebrity Interview: Rocco Nacino, Actor

Editors Note: Maita Ocampo, Business Development at PayrollHero contributes to this blog on and off, this week, she did an interview with Rocco Nacino.

Rocco Nacino, Actor

“Rocco Nacino is a Filipino actor and registered nurse who rose to fame and gained media attention for joining on the fifth season of StarStruck, a Philippine reality show broadcast on GMA Network. He was the Second Prince of StarStruck. (wikipedia)”

1. What do you love about living in the Philippines?

Growing up in Singapore, being with my family and relatives has always been important to me. Life in Singapore was great, yes, but it wasn’t as great as spending Sundays with your loved ones and enjoying our grandma’s cooking. So it’s definitely being with your family is what I love about living in the Philippines.

2. What are your top 5 favourite restaurants and why?
Top 5? That will be hard to answer, because I’m a foodie and I would eat anything! Haha but taste-wise would be our Carinderias, I know everyone would relate to that. Turo-turo is the best! Haha food from Todd English is great also. To enjoy a unique experience, Van Gogh Is Bipolar is where me and my girlfriend love to go. Japanese would be Keizo in Burgos Circle and everything foie gras would be the best at Rambla in the Fort. I can go on and on guys. Haha.

3. You used to live in Singapore, what Singapore restaurant/s do you miss and would like to see in the Philippines?
Many people visit Singapore for their hawker centers, and it’s hard to come up with dishes as good as theirs. I’ve tried many Singaporean restaurants here but have failed my standards for the authentic taste. Chicken rice from Singapore’s hawker centers are the best and I’d love them to spread their recipes or restaurants here!!

4. What is your favourite Philippine restaurant brand that should expand overseas?
Hmmm, Mang Inasal?? I’d love people from other countries to taste our chicken inasal with its chicken oil!! That’ll be something different for them!

Rocco Nacino, Actor

5. Describe your most memorable dining experience
Most memorable would be having a 3 course meal with wine at the Eiffel Tower with Lovi, hearing that sweet “yes” from her on top of the Eiffel Tower then straight to a river cruise in the Siene River. 🙂

6. If you were to open a restaurant, what kind would it be and why?
It would probably be one for the masses, a chill place with good food, and street food, and lots of alcohol. Haha!! A place that everyone can get together and enjoy drinks and have fun!

7. What is your favourite comfort food?
Favorite comfort food would be chicken wings, any type of chicken wings.. Crispy, buffalo… Etc. now I’m hungry!!!

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