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Head of Client Success at PayrollHero

We want your feedback!

At PayrollHero we take feedback seriously. From product development, to fixing bugs and especially from the customers we support every day. We really want to hear what you think.

We’ve been working with our awesome friends over at Intercom to try and make it even easier for our customers to let us know how we’re getting on.

Now when you contact PayrollHero, once you’re question has been answered and your conversation is closed you’ll automatically receive the following message.

All you need to do is select the emoji that best reflects how you feel about your last support interaction. If you have any comments about your support experience you’ll also be prompted to provide them.

This is all thanks to the amazing updates intercom have been making to their Respond product over the last view months.

Our goal is to make sure we improve the customer service we provide, but in line with the service you want to receive. We’ve already updated our support processes multiple times since introducing this new feature, based on genuine customer feedback.

We’re off to a good start with 84% of the feedback we have received being positive, however we know we can do better.

So the next time you contact PayrollHero, either through the in app messenger or via support@payrollhero.com please spare a moment to let us know how we are getting on.

Thank you!

Introducing Lucy, your new A.I. assistant

Hello! It’s been a bit quiet around here, but that doesn’t mean we’ve not been busy! The team have been hard at work creating a new addition to yours. We’re excited to announce our new A.I. HR Assistant who will be joining your team very soon!

Meet Lucy
LucyLucy is a 24/7 personal HR assistant for your regular employees. We spent a lot of time speaking with our clients and found a common theme. Most HR teams don’t get to focus as much time as they’d like on projects that help better the lives of their employee’s.

In fact, the vast majority of their time is spent answering the same questions day in, day out.

“How many leaves do I have left”, “Do my benefits cover dental”, “How many times have I been late this month”, “Where’s my payslip?”, “I’d like to apply for a leave”, “What’s this item on my payslip” and the list just goes on.

Sound Familiar? This is where Lucy comes in. Not only can she answer these questions on behalf of HR, she never sleeps and your employees never have to wait on hold or for a reply to their emails. She responds in seconds and is always there for your employees.

Think about that, all of your employees instantly get help from HR and your HR team are free to focus on the stuff that really matters to your business, keeping your employees happy.

We’ll be rolling out Lucy to our existing customers, for free, in the next few months. If you’d like to get early access there is a form at the bottom of this article. Please feel free to complete it.

What’s A.I.
Maybe you are already familiar with the concept or maybe you’ve been hearing this acronym for some time and been wondering “what is A.I.?”robot-face

A.I. stands for artificial intelligence. It is the “science and engineering of making intelligent machines.” This might seem a bit sci-fi to you, or if you are like me and have watched the terminator films one to many times a bit daunting. Don’t worry, A.I. is currently being used across the world to better the lives of many humans.

Google have introduced their “deep mind” A.I. into their data centres to decrease their energy costs by 40%.

At it’s core, A.I. is about creating intelligence in computers so that the computer can apply that intelligence to better the lives of humans.

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, has used their A.I. to save lives by predicting car accidents before they even happen.

A startup called Atomwise are even using A.I. to reduce the transmission of the Ebola virus.

Altruism aside, an A.I. created by Carnegie Mellon University just won $1.7million playing poker against human opponents. The possibilities for application really are endless.

You have potentially used some basic A.I. in your day to day lives. If you have ever used Siri, Google Now, or Microsoft’s Cortana you have already interacted with artificial intelligence.
At it’s core, A.I. is about creating intelligence in computers so the computer can then apply that intelligence to better the lives of humans.

Lucy is graduating elementary school

What she can do right now

The great thing about A.I. is they are always learning, which means they are constantly improving. Our HR assistant Lucy is still in her infancy, but we feel she has already learned some great skills that will help our customers in their day to day operations of their business. Below is an overview of what Lucy currently do as of today.

Keep informed about your employee’s attendance

Running Late

If your employees are running late, or they aren’t going to be able to make it into work. They can quickly tell Lucy before their shift and she’ll inform the employee’s superiors

Applying for leaves

Lucy’s leave features are directly integrated with PayrollHero. Your employee’s can query their balances and apply for leave, all without having to login to the application.

Clocking Reminders

Lucy will remind employees to clock in and out on PayrollHero.

Receiving Payslips

Now employees can get their payslips sent directly to them. No more need for employees to login to PayrollHero, or HR printing them out.

Adding New Employees

Now you can onboarding new employee’s directly from your messaging app. Just type in the employee’s name and phone number, and Lucy will do the rest!

Querying Payroll

If your employee thinks something is not quite right on their payroll, they can ask Lucy about it. Lucy will inform our support team and involve your HR/payroll department if needed.

Her High School Education

What’s coming soon

The next steps would be for Lucy to learn more about the existing PayrollHero products, with the aim of improving your everyday experiences with our current feature set.

Removing the need to resolve attendance

Resolve Attendance

We know that from time to time employee’s forget to clock in. Nobody is perfect.  As well as reminding employees to clock in Lucy will actually be able to follow up and resolve their attendance, based on your manager’s instructions.

Answering your HR FAQ

Soon you can remove all of those commonly asked questions HR have to keep dealing with!

Generating Payroll

Lucy will be able to completely automate your payroll generation process. On generation day Lucy sends you a quick payroll report for your approval. Once done, she’ll generate all of your reports and payroll register!

Lucy’s University Degree
Our long term plans

Our goal for Lucy is that you and your HR team will never need to log into any HR system again. Instead of having to learn new software, your team tells Lucy what you want to do, and she does it for you.

We don’t want to limit her to only PayrollHero. She will be able to aggregate data from any popular HR/Payroll related products and help you make decisions in real time. There’s a lot of work to be done between now and our vision of Lucy’s potential but we are extremely happy with the progress we have made so far!

Want access to Lucy sooner?

Want to get your team using her now? Feel free to fill in the form below and we’ll move you into our list for early access. You will have a real opportunity to make suggestions and help us create new features for Lucy.

Tired of Commuting?

philippine traffic problemsEditors Note: Introducing Kieran Peppiatt, Head of Client Success at PayrollHero. He will be contributing to the PayrollHero blog from time to time. 

So it might seem a bit peculiar to make my inaugural post to be about commuting! I actually plan to write about Client Success in the Philippines. However, if you live in the Philippines you’ll know it’s a pretty big problem. Traffic in Manila is some of the worst I have experienced. There are now over one billion cars on the planet and I am pretty sure they’re all here!

According to Time.com the average American’s commute to work is 25 ½ minutes, well the average commute in the Philippines is around 2 hours. The Philippine’s is ranked 9th worst for traffic in the world, and although that’s better than their airport rating it’s still not a ranking to be proud of.

Manila’s rush hour, like any, is a total misnomer. In fact the Philippine government estimates that Manila’s traffic costs the country around $3 billion per year. This is from wasted fuel, break downs, road works, deaths (you will go nowhere in an ambulance) and productivity.

Something to think about…

What does commuting mean for ensuring clients are successful?

Studies have shown that commuting will increase your blood sugar levels, cholesterol and likelihood of depression. The UK office of national statistics has also shown that your anxiety levels drastically increase, and another study by the University of Utah shows that your blood pressure temporarily spikes as direct result of a long commute.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and keep in mind that all of these studies based their findings on commutes that exceed thirty minutes, which is way below the standard here in the Philippines.

Think about that for a moment. Your team arrive, there was a big pile up on the highway.  There late and already frustrated before they’ve even logged in to their computer. There’s a backlog of tickets because they’re only just in the door. Is that really going to create an environment that is conducive to excellent customer service?

Commuting means it’s not 9 to 5… it’s more like 7 till 7.

It’s really hard to build a team of truly exceptional employees in any industry. Add to the fact that even a two mile commute is a one hour mission. It starts to shrink the area of your employment pool. People just don’t want the hassle and who would? If you commute for two hours each way you are wasting 43 days of your life every year stuck in traffic. Not to mention the travel conditions for some commuters.

When it comes to Client Success attracting the right people is important. Without truly empathetic people whatever you try it’s all irrelevant. You want people who instinctively put themselves in the clients shoes, who can evaluate situations quickly, figure out a problem and act to create an environment in which your clients can thrive. These types of people are hard to come by.

So, how do you get them to commute to you? What should you do to try and attract the right talent into making the trip every day to your office? You don’t. We made a rule, you either live within walking distance of the office or you don’t come in. All you need to have is a computer and internet connection that is good enough to bring the office to you.

It’s quite early in our trials and this is definitely going to be a topic that I write about in the future. I’ll keep you guys informed on what we learn from it. That said, the staff who have opted to go down this route are genuinely happier and definitely more productive. They choose to spend more time helping out and don’t have to worry about getting up early to commute to work, or leaving late to miss the traffic home.

The plan is to meet up every second weekend so we can have face to face time, good food and a few drinks. We will also do a retroactive look back on the last two weeks. This is where we can see what we did well, not so well and most importantly learn how we can improve. Something I definitely plan to share more with you on in the future.

By the way, if you didn’t notice we’re hiring in a big way. If you love customers even more than we hate commuting get in touch.