SocialHRCamp; Keynote

I was invited to speak at tomorrow’s Social HR Camp as the opening keynote to kick the event off.  An honor to be included especially amongst the fantastic line up of speakers they have scheduled for tomorrow.  My quick opening talk is all about social media and the HR world.  Here is the overview:

Camp Kick-Off: “Let’s Get Revved Up”—Stephen Jagger
How is social media impacting business today, and in the future? Why does business need to care, particularly HR? What are the lost opportunities if organizations are not strategically leveraging social media? Book author of highly popular “Sociable” and perpetual entrepreneur (newest venture is Stephen Jagger will set the tone for SocialHRCamp Vancouver attendees.

What is SocialHRCamp?
“SocialHRCamp explores how Human Resources professionals around the world can leverage social media to create and generate unparalleled business value.  This is not a typical conference where you spend most of your time being spoken at.

SocialHRCamp allows YOU to be an active participant in shaping the “UnConference”—be as active as you want to be.  From passive audience member to leading a session on a topic related to HR and social media, the experience is yours to create.

Social media is not a fad—with 800 million+ Facebook users, over 175 million Twitter users, 4 billion YouTube views every day, and the impact of other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and many more, the opportunity for HR to tap into this audience is enormous.

Whether you’re new to social media or an expert, SocialHRCamp is for you.  You will be able to customize your Camp experience based on your skill level—beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Not only will you learn from others, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers and showcase your talents and interests in an impactful way.”

Interested in attending?  Here is the full agenda… hope to see you tomorrow.

Punch Clocks: One Of The Many Problems; Misaligned Time Stamps

I was at a PayrollHero beta clients office the other day chatting with them about the launch of PayrollHero in their Vancouver office and I went over to their current solution to check it out.  Currently they use a punch card system for all employees to clock in and out.  Not only were the cards all out of order with a couple of them behind someone else’s card, I grab one (see image) that was quite the mess.

Check out the first day on the card… what time did that employee leave for lunch? What time did he return? and what time did he leave at the end of the day?

In this situation, the payroll administrator will collect all of the cards at the end of the 2 week period and then go through them all.  Anything that is incorrect or missing forces the payroll admin to go speak to the person in question directly and ask them about the times.

Not only is this a huge waste of time for the payroll admin, but it takes the employee off of their current tasks and it forces them to try and remember what time they came and went so that they get paid accurately.

PayrollHero solves this problem perfectly.  A web based, mobile solution that ensures clocking in and out is done without error.  If you want to be a beta client, contact us.