#AdventureEngineer Ronald Maravilla Packs For Whistler

photo 2Ronald Maravilla, a native of the Philippines has been working with Mike Stephenson and myself since 2009.  When Ron joined us it was for Ubertor, our real estate software company.  When PayrollHero got off the ground a year and a half ago, Ron moved over to PayrollHero and joined as the second engineer building out the first stages of the platform.

Today is a big day!  

Ron has been accepted into Canada under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program and will be moving to our Whistler office as part of his #AdventureEngineering dream.

What is an #AdventureEngineer you ask? It is a term we coined as part of our offering to attract smart, hard working, talented enginners who wanted to work hard and play hard. This video sums it up:

Part of what PayrollHero offers to new team members is help with immigration into Canada. Interested in a job, you can see our available roles here – (Ruby) (iOS)

Join us!

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