Update: Salary Function For Philippine Payroll

Great news!

We’ve just released a new pay mode setting called “Salary”. This feature can be used for your employees who don’t clock in/out on the system but are still part of your payroll, meaning, you can still generate payroll without clocking in/out or resolving attendance.


How this feature works – the system pays the employees their salary for a specific pay period without any lates and overtime.

To summarize our pay mode features, here’s a table of what we have on the system:


* If attendance has not been published, a notification would show up and say that “Sorry we can’t generate your payroll until all work days have been published. Please publish the needed attendance.”

** If they need deductions or additional pay, you can create specific “payments” on their employee profile.

So if you currently have clients who are paid a “Salary” here’s how you can edit the pay mode.

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Update: Flex Schedules Is Here


Clients have asked us about the ability to have flex schedules. The vast majority of our clients have pretty ridged schedules, but there is always an employee or two that has a bit of a flexible schedule. Their time still needs to be tracked, but their start and end time is more flexible. Now, within PayrollHero, you can use the MyClock Web to enable flexible schedule employees to clock in and out without the need for a schedule.

Questions? Reach out to our team for more information or check out the knowledge-base article.

Employees Value Workplace Freedom

I love my job

At PayrollHero we proudly acknowledge the changing work place environment that is known as ROWE.  ROWE stands for Results Only Work Environment which embodies the idea that employees are given the freedom to eliminate daily tasks that eat into their time so they can focus on doing what they were hired to do.  Employees are evaluated solely on what they accomplish not on filling 8 hours.  This allows some of our staff to take their morning to go skiing or relax and work in the afternoon if they so choose as long as there is no team related obligations.  It takes the stress out of situations where you may be stuck in traffic or have obligations such as medical appointments or you simply want to see a concert on a certain night.  This level of freedom allows our staff to be comfortable, happy, and most importantly productive.  For a company like ours and likely yours, results are the only thing you measure at the end of the day so why use an outdated employee structure that contradicts your goal.  Understandably ROWE does not implement for all types of businesses but keeping the central concept alive is still very applicable.  Doing so can unlock a lot of potential for companies that are able to trust their dedicated staff and give space to invoke creativity.

#AdventureEngineer Ronald Maravilla Packs For Whistler

photo 2Ronald Maravilla, a native of the Philippines has been working with Mike Stephenson and myself since 2009.  When Ron joined us it was for Ubertor, our real estate software company.  When PayrollHero got off the ground a year and a half ago, Ron moved over to PayrollHero and joined as the second engineer building out the first stages of the platform.

Today is a big day!  

Ron has been accepted into Canada under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program and will be moving to our Whistler office as part of his #AdventureEngineering dream.

What is an #AdventureEngineer you ask? It is a term we coined as part of our offering to attract smart, hard working, talented enginners who wanted to work hard and play hard. This video sums it up:

Part of what PayrollHero offers to new team members is help with immigration into Canada. Interested in a job, you can see our available roles here – (Ruby) (iOS)

Join us!

PayrollHero Adventure Engineering Team Grows By +1

It’s not hard to imagine why people love to visit Beautiful British Columbia. With mountains, ocean and dozens of reasons to spend time indoors and out, those of us who live here count ourselves lucky, and those who visit can’t wait to come back.

Andrew Narkewicz joins PayrollHero

Andrew Narkewicz joins PayrollHero

PayrollHero‘s newest staff member is Andrew Narkewicz – a Full Stack Ruby Engineer who tends to live in Ops – thrilled with his career move to PayrollHero in Whistler, where we are headquartered. Andrew attended UBC in Computer Science and most recently worked for Versapay as their Lead infrastructure developer.

What’s a typical work day like, at PayrollHero? There is no typical around here! We know that we get the best ideas from our talented recruits by giving them flexibility. Whether it’s 4-days-on and 3-days-off, or working weekends instead of only weekdays to take advantage time on the hill when the snow is best and the lines are shortest, or longer days with extra time banked for that great pow day, or a long weekend every couple of weeks. Flex-time is even more enticing when you live where the activities seem limitless, and your everyday life feels like a vacation… or at least looks like it to the outside world!

pow on seventh heaven

Blackcomb Mountain Pow

Whistler is proving to be a fantastic place to build a business: with its reasonable cost of living, rent, and ease of recruiting people to live and work in a veritable paradise. Whistler is a natural choice for Andrew, originally from Colorado. He loves ‘sledding’ (a casual term given to snowmobiling), which Whistler’s backcountry has plenty of room for! Andrew has joined us to live the best “Whistler Lifestyle” he can, taking every opportunity to play outside, with our blessing!

Don’t think we’re not hard at work, here at PayrollHero! Just because we post [seemingly constant] photos of our adventures doesn’t mean we don’t put in our dues! We’re busy at work, but we set up our business to attract and retain the best sales engineers, developers, iOS and Machine learning engineers, and customer service reps, so that we can create, build and maintain a great web-based payroll program.

Are you fit to be our next Whistler Engineering Team Hero? We are always looking for new teammates – at the office and at play! Drop us a line!