Shannon Susko guest speaker at Acetech in Vancouver

Today Adam Baechler and I (Brandon Strong) attended the 4th Acetech session this year in Vancouver which focused on how to create a foundation for profitable growth.

Acetech is an organization for Ceo’s by Ceo’s in relation to technology based companies in the lower north west.  Monthly sessions on specific topics are lead for company leaders to discuss their implementation successes and constraints.  Acetech has been extremely valuable for both PayrollHero as well as for several other companies in providing unbiased advice for current issues within our business or industry from experienced leaders who have already encountered similar scenarios.  Not only are these events informative but they also lead to great business connections within your community and are a general great time.

Shannon Susko, President of Subserveo – DST Brokerage Solutions led a fantastic session today revealing the importance of knowing your companies core values and purpose and how it relates to creating a culture that will propel your business upwards.  We are looking into how we at PayrollHero can strengthen our team to achieve our goals. Looking forward to the next event already!

Check out Acetech,

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