More Props Are Coming To PayrollHero

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Update: They are live on all iOS TeamClock accounts. Here is what you will see.

More props are going to be added into the PayrollHero platform in the coming days.  A prop, is a virtual item that shows up on the screen when you are clocking in.  They are random, fun and will keep you smiling at the start and end of your day.

Want your company to be first to have props enabled? Comment below with why you should be first!

Recap: Restaurant Technology Meetup with Jonathan Joson

Last night was the 3rd Restaurant Technology Meetup in the Philippines and we were honoured to have Jonathan Joson join us to speak to the group.

Jonathan is a digital marketing specialist and talked about how to effectively use Search and Facebook Advertising to promote restaurants in the Philippines. He also touched on social media and social media review apps that benefits restaurants!! 

Overall Jonathan’s presentation was excellent.  The group feedback was very positive and everyone walked away with some new nuggets of knowledge to apply to their restaurant businesses.

Next Meetup:
The next Restaurant Technology Meetup will be in January. Be sure to register here to be notified of the details.

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The Philippines Restaurant Industry at a Glance #infographic

The Philippines Restaurant Industry at a glance, broken down in an infographic including data about food and beverage industry, fast food stores and wage information.

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How Do You Create A Culture Of Innovation In Your Business?

photo 5International Speaker Scott Friedman spoke at the Centre for Innovation, Change and Productivity today in Makati, Philippines at the InterContinental Hotel on the topic of “Employee Innovation in Turbulent Times”.  Scott was kind enough to include PayrollHero in part of his keynote speech as to how companies can use our time, attendance, scheduling and payroll platform to built company culture and encourage happiness.

Scott focused on PayrollHero’s props within the TeamClock where our platform will add “props” to the screen so that when employees clock in and out, they might see a fun prop.  He talked about how this has taken traditional clocking in and out from something that employees dreaded doing to something that they look forward to.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4(above left to right) Centre for Innovation, Change and Productivity Managing Director Arthur Florentin, Scott Friedman and PayrollHero Co-Founder Stephen Jagger

photo 2-1A bit more about Scott: “Scott is an internationally sought after speaker and author of the bestselling book ‘Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Companies’. As a motivational humorist, Scott inspires and entertains with fun-filled, interactive and content-rich programs. He speaks on a variety of topics over 80 times a year. Scott’s main area of expertise is employee innovation, celebration and customer experience. Scott now spends 30% of his time speaking throughout Asia and Singapore Airlines the Singapore Government, Gold Fields of South Africa. Young President’s Organization, Hyatt Asia, HSBC and many Fortune 1000 companies. He offers all his clients a global and culturally sensitive perspective on how to get more out work and life.”

Restaurant Technology Meetup x2


The first Restaurant Technology Meetup was such a success that we decided to run two in Metro Manila this month so that we could spread out the locations and add a second topic.

November 12th 2013
Quezon City, Philippines
Register Now

November 20th 2013
Fort Bonifacio, Philippines
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These events are designed for restaurant owners and managers that are eager to learn more about technology in the restaurant space.  See you there!

Feature Update: Roll Call

Within PayrollHero’s platform there is the resolve attendance functionality.  PayrollHero is a complete time, attendance, scheduling, analytics and payroll platform that is a seamless tool to help businesses manage their workforce.  Within the resolve attendance portion of the platform, managers can make decisions on scheduling infractions so that PayrollHero knows how to calculate employee hours.  Resolving employees that clocked in late, early, missed clock in, etc. is all handled through the resolve attendance screen.  Here is what it used to look like:


Within the resolve attendance page there is a function called “roll call checker”.  We have made a big change to how the roll call functionality works.  In the past, the roll call checker would run every 60 minutes to check which employees were late, early, missing clock ins, etc and display them in the resolve attendance page. (see above)

The new roll call functionality is being rolled out this week with the main difference being that the roll call checker does this 24/7, no 60 minute cycle. Plus it also does a roll call for when people are supposed to leave. The main benefit of the new roll call checker is that it is more real time then before. The attendance page is almost instantaneously updated and the email notifications get sent within a minute of an action by the employee. (see below)


If you have questions about how any of this new functionality works, please feel free to contact our Client Happiness Team.

Welcome Brandon Strong


Another new team member has joined PayrollHero.  Meet Brandon, he hails from the US and has joined our Whistler office.  Welcome Brandon!

“Hi, I’m Brandon and I am 22 years young. I hail from Vancouver but I have also lived in San Francisco, Delaware, Washington, Kelowna B.C. all before moving to one of my favorite cities in the world Whistler B.C.
When I’m not in an office you will find me in the mountains with a snowboard in hand during winter and a downhill mountain bike in the summer. I am the definition of speed junkie and enjoy anything that has a motor and wheels or puts me airborne.
Besides traveling North America and finishing school in Canada, I have been involved in both business strategy and financial markets all while keeping an eye on up and coming entrepreneurial ventures.
My diverse background and abilities have led to the opportunity to work for PayrollHero as a Growth Hacker/Customer Success Hero and I could not be more excited. To find a company with so much potential and be based in Whistler has put all my passions in one place for which I am extremely grateful for.
I am looking forward to working with such a talented team and continuing to build a truly unique company.”

New PayrollHero Team Members – Welcome Sean and Mylene!

new members-good

PayrollHero continues to grow.  We have added 2 new team members to our Whistler team, Mylene from France and Sean from Australia.  Here is a quick introduction about each of them:

I’m Sean. I’m a 23 year old bloke from Australia. I am what some call a dabbler but I prefer Jack of all Trades. I’m the school chess captain, come obsessed surfer, fitness freak, and amateur snowboarder.

I grew up in a family of bankers but have an IT background; I have been pulling everything apart (Including PCs, Engines, and Houses) since before I can remember. I care heaps about my health, I am at the gym every other day and (whenever I can be bothered training) I run marathons.

I studied Accountancy at University of Wollongong where I build upon the knowledge passed down through my family and had the opportunity to practice these skills with my mothers bookkeeping business.

I now work in Customer Support for PayrollHero. I’m loving the opportunity to offer my financial and technical skills to an amazing startup and to the early adopter customers that they service.

Working with awesome people in an awesome startup in an awesome town is an unbelievable dream come true.

I can’t wait to help.

I’m Mylene, I’m 24 years old. I come from the north west of France. I arrived in Canada in February 2013 in Montreal and I did a road trip through Canada and I arrived in Whistler in October.

I like to travel, dance, cook, windsurf…  I’m more at ease on the sea than on the snow so I must improve my snowboarding. I am the same level in snowboarding as I am in English… 🙂

I’m a graphic designer and I work as the UI/UX designer for PayrollHero. I’m really glad I could join the team. You can see my previous work: