New PayrollHero Team Members – Welcome Sean and Mylene!

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PayrollHero continues to grow.  We have added 2 new team members to our Whistler team, Mylene from France and Sean from Australia.  Here is a quick introduction about each of them:

I’m Sean. I’m a 23 year old bloke from Australia. I am what some call a dabbler but I prefer Jack of all Trades. I’m the school chess captain, come obsessed surfer, fitness freak, and amateur snowboarder.

I grew up in a family of bankers but have an IT background; I have been pulling everything apart (Including PCs, Engines, and Houses) since before I can remember. I care heaps about my health, I am at the gym every other day and (whenever I can be bothered training) I run marathons.

I studied Accountancy at University of Wollongong where I build upon the knowledge passed down through my family and had the opportunity to practice these skills with my mothers bookkeeping business.

I now work in Customer Support for PayrollHero. I’m loving the opportunity to offer my financial and technical skills to an amazing startup and to the early adopter customers that they service.

Working with awesome people in an awesome startup in an awesome town is an unbelievable dream come true.

I can’t wait to help.

I’m Mylene, I’m 24 years old. I come from the north west of France. I arrived in Canada in February 2013 in Montreal and I did a road trip through Canada and I arrived in Whistler in October.

I like to travel, dance, cook, windsurf…  I’m more at ease on the sea than on the snow so I must improve my snowboarding. I am the same level in snowboarding as I am in English… 🙂

I’m a graphic designer and I work as the UI/UX designer for PayrollHero. I’m really glad I could join the team. You can see my previous work: