Retail News: Canada’s Joe Fresh Coming to the Philippines

Joe Fresh PhilippinesimgresCanada’s Financial Post is reporting that the retail brand Joe Fresh is expanding further into Asia with the announcement of its partnership with SSI.

Joe Fresh is owned by Loblaws and has hundreds of stores throughout North America. SSI is the premier partner for restaurant and retail groups looking to enter the Philippines.

FamilyMart out of Japan choose SII along with Salad Stop from Singapore. Joe Fresh is another brand expanding into the Philippines in partnership with SSI.

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Canada B2B Networking Marketplace: The Post Event Write-up

Great turn out at the Canada B2B Networking Marketplace

The energy at the event was amazing as business owners are enthusiastic to share their product stories with others in attendance.

PayrollHero made a presence and shared our story- how we believe we can help businesses function better with our nifty HR and payroll management software in the cloud.

We would like to say a big Thank You to Guy Belanger for letting us take part in this great opportunity.

Thank you Guy!

Event Highlight

This year’s event also marks the 50th anniversary of bilateral ties between Singapore and Canada. In a speech by High Commissioner H.E Heather Grant, she expressed gratitude to be friends with Singapore and played a part during its formative years since 1965. (Read more about Singapore’s 50th anniversary of bilateral relationship with 13 other countries)

This event was a prelude to the main exhibition and networking events: CommunicAsia 2015 and BroadcastAsia 2015 held at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore between 2- 5 June 2015.

If you’ve missed the opportunity to speak with the companies present at last night’s event, you can be sure to speak to them at these events. The Canadian pavilion at MBS Basement 2 (BH3-07) has meeting spaces to be used at your convenience on a first-come first-served basis.

If you’re looking to meet with PayrollHero, we are having a casual meetup at our office on 10th June 2015.

Details and Registration available here >>> 


Where Is Whistler, BC, Canada?

Over in Southeast Asia when we say one of our offices is in Whistler, they are usually quite surprised. Surprised that a technology startup would/could situate some of its team members there and have it work. (see: #AdventureEngineers) But, sometimes, people look at me and simple ask – Where is Whistler?

From Southeast Asia…. it is over there on the top right…

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 7.11.48 PM

Right here…

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 7.10.23 PM

But if you are new to Canada, here is how Tom Brokaw explained Canada to Americans during the 2010 Winter Olympics:

Here is how the British Columbia (BC) government markets BC to tourists all over the world:

And here is the biggest city in British Columbia, Vancouver:

Finally, here is Whistler:

Remember, we are always hiring #AdventureEngineers in Whistler, Singapore or Manila:

Lunch at the Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines Residence


(L – R: Stephen Jagger, Irene Reeder, The Honourable Ed Fast, Canada’s Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Ambassador Neil Reeder)

I had the honour of being invited to a business roundtable at the official residence of Canada’s Ambassador to the Philippines. 

The Honourable Ed Fast, Canada’s Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway was in town and Ambassador Neil Reeder hosted him as well as 10 Canadian executives doing business in the Philippines.  

The lunch was designed around giving the minister feedback about the region, how the Canadian Government can help and general feedback on the Embassy’s services. 

PayrollHero was the youngest company represented with the next closest being about 20 years old. Both CEOs two great Canadian insurance companies were there (Sun Life and Manulife) as well as companies in the aerospace industry, agriculture and technology.

Irene Reeder not only put together the menu, but cooks most of the food. It was an amazing lunch with Canadian food and wines being represented.

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Happy Canada Day!

canada-day (1)

With a few of our team members being from Canada, we wanted to wish everyone a happy Canada Day which is a federal statutory holiday!

The holiday which falls on July 1st celebrates the day 3 British colonies became unified in 1867 under a single country called Canada!

Interesting fact; Canada Day was originally named Dominion Day until it was renamed in 1982.

British Columbia, Canada Delegation Comes To The Philippines

Last night there was an event at the New World Hotel in Makati, Philippines held by the British Columbia Government to host a delegation of businesses that were in town to learn more about Southeast Asia and specifically the Philippines. It was an honour to be included as it was an intimate gathering that included the Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines, Neil Reeder and SMART’s President and CEO Napoleon Nazareno.

unnamed-3(L – R: Xuguang Huang, Trade Commissioner and Second Secretary at the Government of Canada; Stephen Jagger, PayrollHero; Irene Reeder; Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines Neil Reeder and Aidan Sullivan, PayrollHero)


(L – R: Stephen Jagger, PayrollHero; Napoleon Nazareno, President and CEO of Smart Communications and Xuguang Huang, Trade Commissioner and Second Secretary at the Government of Canada)

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Building Diplomatic Ties; Canadian Ambassador Edition

The Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines, Neil Reeder and his wife Irene joined some of the PayrollHero team for a lunch at the Manila Polo Club today. It was a great opportunity to meet the Ambassador, learn more about his role in the Philippines and how the Canadian government works to help Canadians around the world.
canadian ambassador to the philippines

(Left to Right – Stephen Jagger, Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines Neil Reeder, Irene Reeder, Aidan Sullivan and Sarah Jagger)

New PayrollHero Team Members – Welcome Sean and Mylene!

new members-good

PayrollHero continues to grow.  We have added 2 new team members to our Whistler team, Mylene from France and Sean from Australia.  Here is a quick introduction about each of them:

I’m Sean. I’m a 23 year old bloke from Australia. I am what some call a dabbler but I prefer Jack of all Trades. I’m the school chess captain, come obsessed surfer, fitness freak, and amateur snowboarder.

I grew up in a family of bankers but have an IT background; I have been pulling everything apart (Including PCs, Engines, and Houses) since before I can remember. I care heaps about my health, I am at the gym every other day and (whenever I can be bothered training) I run marathons.

I studied Accountancy at University of Wollongong where I build upon the knowledge passed down through my family and had the opportunity to practice these skills with my mothers bookkeeping business.

I now work in Customer Support for PayrollHero. I’m loving the opportunity to offer my financial and technical skills to an amazing startup and to the early adopter customers that they service.

Working with awesome people in an awesome startup in an awesome town is an unbelievable dream come true.

I can’t wait to help.

I’m Mylene, I’m 24 years old. I come from the north west of France. I arrived in Canada in February 2013 in Montreal and I did a road trip through Canada and I arrived in Whistler in October.

I like to travel, dance, cook, windsurf…  I’m more at ease on the sea than on the snow so I must improve my snowboarding. I am the same level in snowboarding as I am in English… 🙂

I’m a graphic designer and I work as the UI/UX designer for PayrollHero. I’m really glad I could join the team. You can see my previous work: