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At PayrollHero we proudly acknowledge the changing work place environment that is known as ROWE.  ROWE stands for Results Only Work Environment which embodies the idea that employees are given the freedom to eliminate daily tasks that eat into their time so they can focus on doing what they were hired to do.  Employees are evaluated solely on what they accomplish not on filling 8 hours.  This allows some of our staff to take their morning to go skiing or relax and work in the afternoon if they so choose as long as there is no team related obligations.  It takes the stress out of situations where you may be stuck in traffic or have obligations such as medical appointments or you simply want to see a concert on a certain night.  This level of freedom allows our staff to be comfortable, happy, and most importantly productive.  For a company like ours and likely yours, results are the only thing you measure at the end of the day so why use an outdated employee structure that contradicts your goal.  Understandably ROWE does not implement for all types of businesses but keeping the central concept alive is still very applicable.  Doing so can unlock a lot of potential for companies that are able to trust their dedicated staff and give space to invoke creativity.

PayrollHero Newest Videos

We have been pumping out some videos lately to showcase the PayrollHero platform as well as some of our clients.  Here are a few of our newest videos;

PayrollHero Christmas 2013

We held this years Christmas dinner for the Whistler team last night and it was a great event.  PayrollHero along with our officemates from RideBooker.com shared a meal, drinks, the famous Filipino Balut and some fun games.  Here are a few pictures from the night;

unnamed(Stephen Jagger and Michael Stephenson)


unnamed-2(Ron from PayrollHero showing us how to take down a Balut egg)
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Every year Oxford Dictionaries announces their word of the year based on criteria including prominence of the word over the year prior and general usage, awareness and influence on society.  For 2013, the word of the year was declared as “Selfie!” or in other words the action of taking a photo of oneself with their own camera or phone.  Many say it was the introduction of social media sites like Myspace and Facebook that started the adoption of the word but it was truly the second generation of smartphone addiction that jumped the term into the category of word of the year.  Highly popular sharing apps like Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat and Vine have led to a generation of highly social individuals who like to reveal their own daily adventures for people to see.

 We at PayrollHero find the award amusing as we are the king of selfies.  By volume, we don’t think anyone is even close to us at over 700,000 photo clock in and outs taken thus far with our PhotoBooth platform.  Thats a few more than any teenage girl you can name and for that we are proud.  Our TeamClock app which uses facial recognition allows employees to do away with the old mundane punch clock and have a more fun way to be welcomed to their work.  With it being more entertaining and making employees smile everyday, it also turns a traditionally annoying process into an incredibly insightful and useful business tool for managers and business owners.  Our system allows you to see who is working, late or absent in real time from anywhere in the world and tracks the data overtime to show analytics on attendance with metrics involving correlation of weather, commute distance and company leaders.

With this note, keep on showing those beautiful smiles everyone!


Welcome Bram Whillock!


PayrollHero is proud to announce the addition of Bram to our team who hails from San Francisco as one of our new talented engineers.  We are very excited for our team to keep growing, welcome Bram to our Whistler office!

“Hi, I’m Bram but a lot of people call me Bramski.  I can best be described as a rugged adventurer.  I’m often to be found skiing steep snow on jagged mountains or climbing   even steeper cliff faces.  I spent 2 years of my life traveling the world west to east and my adventure resume not only includes some of the coolest mountains on the planet but also some of the more remote peoples and cultures.

I’m 30 years old and have been developing software for the web for the last 15 years both as an entrepreneur at small companies and a professional at bigger ventures.  I studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon where I focused in new ideas and research in computer and network security where I have some published work.

For me working for PayrollHero and living in Whistler is a dream realized.  Cutting edge technology, a great team, and an amazing place to be and live everyday.  You can find me living the dream either here at my desk or out in the wonderful mountains of BC.”


Shannon Susko guest speaker at Acetech in Vancouver

Today Adam Baechler and I (Brandon Strong) attended the 4th Acetech session this year in Vancouver which focused on how to create a foundation for profitable growth.

Acetech is an organization for Ceo’s by Ceo’s in relation to technology based companies in the lower north west.  Monthly sessions on specific topics are lead for company leaders to discuss their implementation successes and constraints.  Acetech has been extremely valuable for both PayrollHero as well as for several other companies in providing unbiased advice for current issues within our business or industry from experienced leaders who have already encountered similar scenarios.  Not only are these events informative but they also lead to great business connections within your community and are a general great time.

Shannon Susko, President of Subserveo – DST Brokerage Solutions led a fantastic session today revealing the importance of knowing your companies core values and purpose and how it relates to creating a culture that will propel your business upwards.  We are looking into how we at PayrollHero can strengthen our team to achieve our goals. Looking forward to the next event already!

Check out Acetech, http://www.acetech.org/

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