Employees Value Workplace Freedom

I love my job

At PayrollHero we proudly acknowledge the changing work place environment that is known as ROWE.  ROWE stands for Results Only Work Environment which embodies the idea that employees are given the freedom to eliminate daily tasks that eat into their time so they can focus on doing what they were hired to do.  Employees are evaluated solely on what they accomplish not on filling 8 hours.  This allows some of our staff to take their morning to go skiing or relax and work in the afternoon if they so choose as long as there is no team related obligations.  It takes the stress out of situations where you may be stuck in traffic or have obligations such as medical appointments or you simply want to see a concert on a certain night.  This level of freedom allows our staff to be comfortable, happy, and most importantly productive.  For a company like ours and likely yours, results are the only thing you measure at the end of the day so why use an outdated employee structure that contradicts your goal.  Understandably ROWE does not implement for all types of businesses but keeping the central concept alive is still very applicable.  Doing so can unlock a lot of potential for companies that are able to trust their dedicated staff and give space to invoke creativity.