Company Atmosphere and How it Relates to your Turnover Rate

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There is this great feeling when you are happy to be at work because of your team and commitment to a company that somehow overrides the daily headaches and objectives before you. Those who have experienced this feeling of belonging to an organization can tell you how hard it is to leave a company to which they owe great friends, memories, experiences and lessons from. It all comes back to company culture and it’s incredible spill over benefits when things are right. You have seen it in the news and articles how big companies like Google, Zappos, Facebook, Mind Valley in Asia and several others have created incredible office spaces built to be true work paradises with an easygoing relaxed atmosphere. Companies strive to achieve this because they know it allows employees to be creative with great imaginative new measures and feeling comfortable at work has proven benefits. Recruiting talent is much easier in companies that offer more perks than just a benefits package.

Besides just having a great working environment, creating a community of close colleagues has incredible effects on the staff moral and job satisfaction. People have been proven to tolerate jobs they don’t enjoy simply because of the people they work with.  In fact in a study done on “WorkForce Retention” by American Psychological Association, more than 56% percent of participants stated their connectivity to their organization and co workers as a reason for staying at their current job.  With over 67% stating that the reason as their job fits in well with their life, you cannot ignore the importance of creating a great company atmosphere to engage and retain human talent. Here at PayrollHero we like to do activities together such as golf ranges, mountain biking, traveling and group meals on top of offering a ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) to attract great employees.

We designed our software to encourage a positive workforce and help brighten the moods of staff members from what used to be a mundane process to a fun and engaging way to be welcomed to work. Let us help change the environment at your business, feel free to contact us.

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