Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines

The President of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines, Walden Chu, was invited by the CBTL Group to speak at their global conference for all country franchisee owners in late 2013 in Los Angeles. At the conference he covered his experience with PayrollHero and how it has helped his 70 location coffee chain operate in the Philippines.  Here is the complete video as well as a shortened version just on his PayrollHero comments. Enjoy!

Event: PayrollHero Unwrapped


Our partner at New Leaf Ventures in Manila, Philippines is having a PayrollHero Unwrapped event. This is a fantastic way to get a hands on look at how PayrollHero works and what it can do for your business.  From their website:

We’re unwrapping PayrollHero for you! Learn how this simple and easy-to-use software can help transform your business!

PayrollHero is a Time, Attendance, Scheduling, HRIS and Payroll app that is built for web and mobile.

Employees can clock in/out using facial recognition technology, giving “accuracy” a whole new meaning.

Scheduling, as well as viewing schedules, is as convenient as a single click.

Payroll computation is exact as it is built for the Philippines. You don’t have to worry about computing different types of pays– be it Night Time Differential, Holiday pay, Double shifts etc.

You will also have access to a set of analytics that will help you make important decisions for your business.

The best thing? Everything is in real-time.  Space is limited, Register Now! 

Double Holidays and How it Affects Your Company in the Philippines


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“The Double Holiday” while rare can occur when two or more holidays happen to land on the same day such as Araw ng Kagitingan falls on the same day as Maundy Thursday or Good Friday. These have a different impact on wage rates compared to typical Regular Holidays.  In the case of the Double Holiday, the covered employee shall be entitled to at least 200% of his/her basic wage even if the day is unworked. For an employee who is required to work on the Double Holiday, he or she is entitled to the 200% plus an additional 100% of the basic wage equaling 300% percent total of the basic wage. Obviously this is truly important to understand from both a managerial perspective and as an employee.