For Companies Interested in a Better HRIS System


Intended for business owners, managers and HR specialist who have not had a chance to see what PayrollHero offers. I will show you an online tour via Skype at 1 pm this Thursday to enlighten you on the capabilities PayrollHero offers.

Sign up on our Webinar page today to save your seat! Shortly after signing up I will email you personally to get your Skype name and ask if you have any requests on what you would like to see or understand.

All you need is a pair of mic enabled headphones or microphone if you wish to ask questions and a fairly good internet connection.

In return I will ensure you leave the webinar with direct tangible benefits you could implement in your company to save time, money and lock in better processes for your growing business.

Managing your employees effectively and efficiently is key to retention and engagement of the most skilled desirable talent. We understand this thoroughly and have designed tools to help businesses capitalize on it. Join the webinar to learn and see more!

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