Update: Salary Function For Philippine Payroll

Great news!

We’ve just released a new pay mode setting called “Salary”. This feature can be used for your employees who don’t clock in/out on the system but are still part of your payroll, meaning, you can still generate payroll without clocking in/out or resolving attendance.


How this feature works – the system pays the employees their salary for a specific pay period without any lates and overtime.

To summarize our pay mode features, here’s a table of what we have on the system:


* If attendance has not been published, a notification would show up and say that “Sorry we can’t generate your payroll until all work days have been published. Please publish the needed attendance.”

** If they need deductions or additional pay, you can create specific “payments” on their employee profile.

So if you currently have clients who are paid a “Salary” here’s how you can edit the pay mode.

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