In The News: Ghost Employee Round Up

Ghost employees are a worldwide problem… every once in a while we take a look at Google News to see what is happening in the world of ghost employee fraud. Here is what we found today from New York, Manila and Philadelphia.

City to recoup $1.4 million from custodians’ “ghost employee” scheme
“…two Bronx high school custodians had defrauded the city out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by listing “no-show” employees on their payrolls, the city announced a deal to get the money back.” (more)

Human rights commissioner suspended for ‘grave misconduct’
“There were also complaints of Quisumbing requesting and accepting a share of her staff’s salary, and employing and maintaining ghost employees.” (more)

CITY HALL SAM: Unions Back Boyle, Evans Backs Wolf, Kane Backs Himself
“STATE REP. J.P. MIRANDA was indicted on charges of using ghost employees in his district office. The new State Representative will have a chance to explain himself, but the vultures are already flying around his State Rep seat.” (more)

Ghost-employee-cartoon(image source)


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