8 Restaurant Recommendations in Singapore

unnamed-1Since opening our office in Singapore we have had a couple requests about the best places to eat in Singapore. While we are still newbies, but we do have a few spots that we really like.

Here are our (current) 10 top restaurants to visit in Singapore; (in no particular order)

1. Ramen in Singapore is top notch, our team likes all branches of Keisuke but are partial to Tori King.

2. The Study with it’s hidden Library next door. To get into the Library, you need a password. Makes for a really fun night and the whole wall separating the two gets rolled back in the middle of the evening to everyones surprise. (well, not yours cause your reading this)

3. Our engineers like Bah Kut Teh. Tiong Bahru has a few spots that are tasty.

4. Hawkers: Golden Shoe in the CBD. Check our Golden Nur (their egg prata is awesome for breakfast and the chicken briyani for lunch is great). tip: go at 11:30am to avoid big lines.5. Hawkers: Lau Pa Sat in the CBD. Almost everything is awesome. But at 7:00pm they close one of the streets and the skewer vendors come out in full force. tip: tiger beer and chicken skewers are a solid combo.

6. PS Cafe in Tiong Bahru is great. Reasonable (for Singapore) priced wines and great pizzas.

7. Level 33 for drinks is an amazing view. Worth the cost for visitors to get a great perspective of Singapore. (see picture above, taken from their patio)

8. Fresh Fruit from the Arcade next to the Ocean Financial Centre is a great find. Pick whatever fruit you want, they cut it up and serve it in a bag with a skewer. Quick, healthy snacks.

There you have it, check them out, let us know what you think. After a few more months I’m sure we will have found some more great places to eat. Singapore food is amazing! So much variety. Best tip we can give you… try the hawkers, they are awesome, cost effective and fun.

Bonus Points: A Singapore coffee, a Kopi, is great. Tastes more like a mocha and has been described by some of our team as a drink that makes them “bananas”.

If you are ever in Fort Bonifacio, Philippines and looking for a place to eat, check out our restaurant list for there. Some great spots as well.

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