The Complete Guide to Selecting Your Internet Provider in Singapore

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As a restaurant owner or retail owner, you have a number of things to consider; one of them is making sure your internet connection is reliable and fast so that your operations run smoothly. While we have talked about the need for you to upgrade your technology, this post is some practical advice on what internet plans are available to you.

We picked out fibre broadband plans, catered towards multiple stores across the island. Aside from bandwidth, contract terms and installation costs, we have also put together information on discounts for multiple store locations, how their customer service team performed and waiting time for installation. Do note, all options available have the symmetric download and upload speeds. Based on where you are in the island, speeds are different.

We looked at the top 3 internet service providers in Singapore: Singtel, Starhub an M1. We tried contacting other service providers in order to give you a broad set of options, but their customer service lines were facing high volume. So here we are:

Fibre Broadband Bandwidth: Winner – Singtel

Singtel: 100-500 Mbps

Starhub: Upto 250Mbps

M1: 10-200 Mbps

Singtel wins hands down in the bandwidth that they provide. Their BizWifi Enterprise package is catered towards businesses (they mentioned cafes) that want to provide internet services to their customers while also using it for operations.

Price Plans: Winner – Tie between Starhub and M1

Singtel: $250 – 552/month

Starhub: $209/month

M1: $200/month

Starhub and M1 rank equally in terms of competitive pricing.

Installation costs: Winner – Starhub

Singtel: $535 for the 2 year contract, free for 3 year contract

Starhub: Free

M1: $300 for a 2 year contract, but the fee is waived if they install for multiple stores

Starhub clearly wins. Singtel installation costs are pretty heavy if you take the 2 year contract.

Contract Limit: Winner – It’s a tie

Singtel: 2 or 3 year contract

Starhub: 2 year contract

M1: 2 year contract

Waiting Time: Winner – It’s a tie

Singtel: 4-8 weeks based on survey of the establishment

Starhub: 6-8 weeks

M1: 6-8 weeks

This is pretty standard. All three companies survey your establishment to figure out how the connection should be installed.

Customer Service: Winner – M1

Singtel: Good. Very high volume on their corporate line. But they were helpful and polite when they finally received the call.

Starhub: Very good!

M1: Awesome. They suggested emailing a proposal immediately.

MyReupublic: Well, we tried calling them but we were on hold for around 20 minutes

Discount for multiple stores: Winner – M1

Singtel: No

Starhub: No

M1: Yes!

Phone Numbers:

Singtel: 1688

Starhub: 1606

M1: 1622

While the competition is close, it depends on what you are looking for. In terms of bandwidth, Singtel wins. But for everything else, especially pricing, M1 stands out as a winner. For your reference, here are the websites for Singtel, Starhub and M1

We will update this list as we hear from other operators. Like we said, we tried to contact MyRepublic but they were unavailable. Do let us know if you have suggestions!

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