Your Employees Are Asking 3rd Parties to Check Their Payroll Calculations

Have you ever heard of It is a US based website that “is the world’s most transparent career community that is changing the way people find jobs, and companies recruit top talent.” Founded by Rich Barton who is no stranger to startups. Rich is the founder of Expedia and Zillow with a history at Microsoft. “Glassdoor holds a growing database of 6 million company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos and more.”

Basically Glassdoor lets you check on positions salaries, company feedback and much more. While it is growing rapidly in North America it has not seemed to have taken off in Southeast Asia.

Which brings me to the topic of this post;

Your Employees Are Checking Their Payroll Calculations

Every month we get random inquiries from employees we don’t have a relationship with asking about their personal situation. Questions about their taxes, their payroll dates, deductions, allowances, etc.

Are your employees asking around?

For example, here is an inquiry we received recently asking about income tax for an employee of a Philippine retailer. We have no idea who the employee is or what company they work for but they are asking around.

hi.gud working at [retail] store as rate was 513.62 per day..i have 1 dependent..but my tax was 1789 ..its is correct for my salary

Are your employees double checking their payroll calculations?

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