Life At PayrollHero From Our Newest Team Member Maita Ocampo

Editors Note: Introducing Maita Ocampo, Business Development at PayrollHero. She will be contributing to the PayrollHero blog from time to time.

Wait What?

Overwhelmed, confused, and highly emotional – these are not the end of day emotions that I’ve imagined my first day with PayrollHero to be like. Apparently, I found myself having dinner alone in a restaurant after my first day and my thought bubble said something like: WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED.

Looking back, I think it was just “info overload” on my end. Haha! Well, to be honest, technology is not really my area of expertise. However, one of the reasons why I took the job at PayrollHero is because I knew that I was ready and up for the challenge. Getting sent to visit the team in Singapore after a month and working directly with the co-founder is of course, a plus. Boom! The opportunities are endless.

payroll singapore payroll team

(Myself with Steve Jagger, Michael Stephenson and Adam Baechler in Singapore checking out the view of the Marina Bay Sands.)

First Three Months

My first three months were more of getting accustomed to the tools, getting to know the product, and catching up with the company and our timelines. Now that three months have passed, I couldn’t be thankful enough for PayrollHero and its founders for giving me the opportunity to be part of a platform that aims to make the lives of employees and their respective companies better. This is something that really excites me!

Non-Stop Learning

Let me share with you 3 key learnings from my first three months with PayrollHero:

  1. Ask, ask, ask – Never assume anything. If you’re not certain about something, it is better to ask. Asking questions will not make you look lame, ignorant, or unsure. In fact, asking questions is a sign of strength and intelligence. It can also give way to deeper insights and better answers.
  2. Waking up early rocks – I wake up at 6AM every day and work usually ends at 4PM. Crazy, right? These past few months, I’ve learned that you actually get to do more work when you wake up early. At the same time, you get to spend quality time with people you love. According to Forbes and Harvard biologist Christoph Randler, “morning people” are more proactive and are more likely to agree with statements like “I feel in charge of making things happen.” His research also revealed that they are more likely to anticipate problems and minimize them efficiently.
  3. Productivity tools – I remember telling Steve, our co-founder, on my first day that I haven’t downloaded so many apps in one day! Haha. Yes, PayrollHero embraces technology (a lot). It helps us in our open communication mandate. We love PipelineDeals, Asana, Google Docs (Google white paper on PayrollHero), LinkedIn, Slack, Sqwiggle, Appear and Zopim to name a few. It may seem hard to take it all in, but these apps are just a matter of getting used to. Not only does it make learning everyday more fun, it’s definitely helping us work efficiently as well.

Exciting Times Ahead

I guess, no matter what your job is, your first couple of days at work could really be a nerve-racking experience so it’s important for one to focus and have the proper mindset for it.

What I enjoy the most about working for PayrollHero is​ that everyone’​s contributing and thinking of ways to achieve better results for our clients while enjoying the process. We get to learn a lot from each other too!

payroll team in philippines

(Myself with Cristian Guerrero, Kieran Peppiatt, Stephen Jagger, Adam Baechler and Mike Stephenson at the Hyatt in the City of Dreams Manila)

As we’re expanding rapidly in the Philippines and have soft launched in Singapore, I am looking forward for the next countries that we’re targeting this year to become payroll live and the adventures that come along with it. Exciting times, indeed!

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Adventure Engineers Scatter This Weekend

Our team has been full on the past few months so a few of them took this weekend to see the sights around the region. The timing was was a coincident, but we have PayrollHero #AdventureEngineers in 7 cities around the world today. They are in Hong Kong, Shenyang China, Whistler Canada, Singapore, Manila Philippines, Cebu Philippines and Squamish Canada. Below are a few pictures from their adventures.

Nico Suria is in Hong Kong along with Kieran Peppiatt and their girlfriends seeing the sights, doing a little shopping and taking in some of the local culture.

adventure engineer in hong kong

(Nico in Hong Kong)

adventure engineer kieran in hong kong

IMG_0539.JPG(Kieran Peppiatt in Hong Kong)

Bram Whillock, the very definition of #AdventureEngineer takes his outdoor time to the next level. Today, he can be found in the far off peeks of Whistler mountain in Canada.
whistler mountain ruby on rails engineer(Bram Whillock on Whistler mountain ~
photo by Bradford McArthur of

Aidan Sullivan is in Shenyang, China which is one hour north of Beijing. Shenyang is one of China’s very polluted cities as you can see from the picture below.
aidan in china

(Aidan Sullivan in Shenyang, China)china adventure engineer

(pollution in Shenyang, China)
vince paca in cebu(Vince Paca in Cebu, Philippines)
singapore payroll guys(Michael Stephenson and Adam Baechler in Singapore)

Are you looking to join a hard working team? We are looking for a few people to join our team. Roles available: Event Manager, Content Writer, Ruby on Rails Engineer, Customer Service Specialist, Business Development and Marketing Manager.

Watch our Adventure Engineering video below to learn more about us…

36 Biggest BPO Firms in Philippines Post Staggering Revenue Numbers

Hirowallpaper1Listed by their revenue for the year 2012 in Philippine Pesos, this list represents one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to the Pasig City Representative Roman Romulo, there is supposed to be “124,000 well-paying jobs added annually from 2014 to 2016”. The 36 firms below account for a combined revenue of P192 billion or roughly $4.5 billion US.

All numbers are found in the Securities Exchange public records for the year 2012.

1. Accenture Inc. (P28.104 billion in revenues);
2. Convergys Philippines Services Corp. (P17.281 billion);
3. JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A-Philippine Global Service Center (P10.805 billion);
4. 24/7 Customer Philippines Inc. (P7.711 billion);
5. Telephilippines Inc. (P7.241 billion);
6. TeleTech Offshore Investments B.V. (P6.978 billion);
7. Sutherland Global Services Philippines Inc. (P6.805 billion);
8. Stream International Global Services Philippines Inc. (P6.738 billion);
9. Sitel Philippines Corp. (P6.364 billion);
10. Deutsche Knowledge Services Pte. Ltd. (P5.754 billion);
11. Sykes Asia Inc. (P5.617 billion);
12. IBM Daksh Business Process Services Philippines Inc. (P5.516 billion);
13. Aegis PeopleSupport Inc. (P5.445 billion);
14. TeleTech Customer Care Management Philippines Inc. (P5.402 billion);
15. IBM Business Services Inc. (P5.211 billion);
16. Telus International Philippines Inc. (P4.962 billion);
17. Shell Shared Services (Asia) B.V. (P4.821 billion);
18. HSBC Electronic Data Processing (Philippines) Inc. (P4.700 billion);
19. ePLDT Inc. (P4.147 billion);
20. SPi CRM Inc. (P3.501 billion);
21. ACS of the Philippines Inc. (P3.492 billion);
22. VXI Global Holdings B.V. (P3.266 billion);
23. Emerson Electric (Asia) Ltd. (P3.230 billion);
24. StarTek International Ltd. (P3.094 billion);
25. IBM Solutions Delivery Inc. (P3.019 billion);
26. Sykes Marketing Services Inc. (P2.760 billion);
27. SPi Technologies Inc. (P2.626 billion);
28. Genpact Services LLC (P2.552 billion);
29. Macquarie Offshore Services Pty. Ltd. (P2.522 billion);
30. Thomson Reuters Corp. Pte. Ltd. (P2.265 billion);
31. AIG Shared Services Corp. Philippines (P2.357 billion);
32. Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd. (P2.194 billion);
33. Lexmark Research and Development Corp. (P1.956 billion);
34. ANZ Global Services and Operations (Manila) Inc. (P1.869 billion);
35. Maersk Global Service Centers (Philippines) Ltd. (P1.859 billion); and
36. Manulife Data Services Inc. (P1.745 billion).


Do You Work to Live or Live to Work?

I find myself reflecting on past travels from time to time…

Today I was reminded of a vivid bar night that took place while visiting some friends studying at the Sorbonne. It was 4am and I got into a conversation with a Swiss-German Tech Entrepreneur over how Europeans Work to Live while he thought that North Americans Live to Work.

I like to think we build companies with the spirit of Let My People Go Surfing.

So, how does “working to live” get implemented at the Whistler Office?

I guess like all things – It all depends…

There are many work schedule options anyone can elect to participate in including:
  • 4×10; three day “weekend” every week.
  • 5×9 and take every other Friday off.
  • Late morning start so you can ride the powder.
  • Work weekends and play weekdays when the hills are bare.
Pretty much we’re open for anything as long as you:
  • Have consensus with your pair if you are pairing on a new critical feature.
  • You attend the Weekly Engineering Meeting (Monday’s 15:07-16:07).
  • You present at the daily huddle on the days you are working 16:37-16:52.
  • If you are working on a new feature; you would be expected to attend all ideation meetings.
We understand and encourage the need for flexibility on snow days in the winter and 30 degree+ days in the summer.
What sort of work schedule would you be interested in?