Top Work Benefits Millennials Actually Want

Millennials are taking over.

Sure, there are countless of articles about how millennials are “entitled”. A quick Google Search will yield a handful of results. But it’s not a secret that millennials are rapidly taking over the workforce.

By 2030, millennials will be making over 75% of the entire workforce. I’m not good at math, but I know that’s A LOT.

So if you’re a hiring manager, or a business owner, it’s important to take note of exactly what millennials value in terms of work benefits.

Infographic: Which Working Benefits Do Millennials Value Most? | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

This shows that majority of millennials actually care more about two things over monetary bonuses.

Most managers assume that in order to keep millennials happy or attract them to join the company, money should be dangled like a big slab of steak. While cash bonuses are very much appreciated, training and development and flexible working hours are valued higher by millennials.

When you think about it, the top two work benefits that millennials value the most actually will cost you LESS than cash bonuses.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours are becoming more and more popular these days. 77% of millennials actually prefer flexible working hours. They feel that they are more productive and have more freedom in the workplace. This, as studies and millennials claim, boost their productivity.


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Millennials hate the regular 9 to 5 cycle, so it’s understandable why they value a “flexi schedule” over cash bonuses.

But what’s more surprising is the top benefit millennials value the most…

Training and Development

And they said millennials were lazy?

This stat is the most alarming, yet also the most encouraging.

This means that millennials value being trained and learning more to become better at their craft. The best part about this is that training and development can actually cost less than giving a performance bonus (not saying you shouldn’t give your employees one though!).

The more you actually invest in training your employees, the more they’re likely to stay and produce better results.


You don’t need a gargantuan budget to give your millennial employees killer benefits. Invest on their training and development, or even consider implementing a flexible working schedule.

Millennial or not, all employees will surely enjoy these benefits. So if you consider some of these, you might just have hacked into boosting work productivity in your company.

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How To Deal with Millennials in the Workforce (video via Jason Dorsey)

Jason Dorsey is a the Millennials keynote speaker. He delivers great information on how todays young adults operate, how to interact with them in the workplace and why they are so different than generations in the past. Here is a promo video that puts together some snippets from his talks all over the world. A great watch with some funny moments on the differences between baby boomers and todays youth.

Jason Dorsey

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How We Keep Young Star Talents from Leaving

Every employee is valuable. Repeating this old tired phrase really doesn’t mean much anymore. Sure, we know we are of value, but how valuable? Can we measure that? How do we know if our bosses are with us as much as we are with them in this company? Studies have revealed that the millennial generation is the population in the workforce that really values these questions, and use it to determine if they have join the right company to work for.

The PayrollHero Team has millennials as the majority. Just to be honest, our young talents in our team are being headhunted daily because they are doing such a stellar job and other companies are starting to take notice. However, the thought of leaving never occurred. Here’s how we keep our young rock stars with us!

We communicate all the time
There are no walls between management and the employees. We function as a team, always working towards the bigger picture. Our team is constantly on the move, functioning from different offices in Singapore, Canada and the Philippines, which is made easy using productivity apps like Slack. (Read on how we use Slack)

Having great communication means we are clear on the tasks each team has to complete and eliminate any grey areas and speculation. There can never be enough clarity when working with Millennials. Each team gathers for a huddle every morning to discuss completed tasks, give feedback- good or bad, in the moment. This way also we keep accountability crystal clear within the team.

Morning Huddles

Suggested reading: 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Being flexible enough to meet halfway
PayrollHero is incredibly blessed with many gifted and talented millennials like Vince, and Maita. And we are more than happy to participate in out of office events as often as possible. We are with each other 10 hours in a day, every weekday and some weekends too and happy to do so. We work hard and play hard together.

Smiles at breakfast

Recognizing each employee’s lifestyle needs is important too. Millennials appreciate when a company acknowledges life outside of work. PayrollHero knows that mixing life and work as harmoniously as possible is one of the secret to making millennials happy to be at work. Fundamentally, we believe in getting things done. So, you can feel free to do activities you love, so long as you complete tasks that is required of you during the week.

Empowering each employee with ownership 
For a millennial, ownership means a lot. At PayrollHero, many members of the company have a stake in the company which ensures that everyone commits. As a millennial myself, I can see that having that kind of ownership is empowering because I can be a part of something bigger. The days of working for a company just for the paycheck are gone. Owning a part of the company is a great incentive for an individual. But more importantly, it pulls the team together to focus towards a common goal: to see the company succeed.

To know exactly how we work, you’ll just need to join us. We are hiring for many positions across all offices and even for home based roles.

If Zen Riddles Were For Millennials (video)

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“If Zen Riddles Were For Millenials.”“If Zen Riddles Were For Millenials.” Born after 1980? You’ll understand.

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