Rethink The Punch Clock

Square is talking about rethinking the receipt, Pete Smart wants to rethink the airline boarding pass Рhere at PayrollHero we have been working to rethink the punch clock.
558807_586321464714260_1980562514_nTraditional punch clocks are bulky, easily manipulated, offline, paper based and enable time theft. We have met with countless business owners who have complained about the issues with their punch clocks and the desire for a new way to handle employee time and attendance.

We sat down a couple years ago and rethought the punch clock and how it should work. Of course we wanted something cloud based, that eliminated fraud and time theft and was easy to use. The biggest challenge we wanted to tackle was how employees perceived the device. Employees hate the punch clock. They don’t enjoy the process of clocking in and out for work. We understand the importance or accurate time and attendance but wanted to rethink how we could collect this information while making it an enjoyable process for employees.

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 5.48.29 PMIntroducing the TeamClock (iOS) and MyTimeClock. We began with photos, and built a platform that lets employees clock in and out for work by taking a picture of themselves. We added IP address support as well as GPS location so that we can ensure that the right employee is in the right place at the right time.

The big benefit – employees love it!

We added props to the clock in screen, random background images, social sharing functionality and there is more coming.  Check out for more details about how our time, attendance, scheduling and analytics platform works.

You can see PayrollHero’s TeamClock Web in action here at Krispy Kreme:

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