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As you know, we have been creating some handy guides for opening restaurants in Singapore and the Philippines. We call them the PayrollHero Knowledge Kits.

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If you can reach out to the most number of restaurants, businesses or people, we will feature you on our own blog! 

Why is this a good idea for you? Well, we have been featuring famous actors and basketball players on our blog: celebrities like Rocco Nacino, Shawn Weinstein and Sean Anthony have shared their favorite restaurants with us. How awesome would it be to get in on the action! You know you’re thinking to yourself, “this would be a great PR opportunity…”

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Celebrity Interview: Sean Anthony from the Meralco Bolts

We interviewed Sean Anthony, the famous Filipino Canadian basketball player who currently plays for the (PBA) Philippine Basketball Association’s Meralco Bolts. We asked him for his favourite restaurants and what he wants to see in the restaurant industry in the Philippines.

1. What do you love about living in the Philippines?

I have been living in the Philippines for 5 years now and have enjoyed every moment. I love the upbeat and positive personalities that Filipino’s have. I like their community and family based culture. But most of all I love being a quick flight or drive away from some of the nicest beaches in the world.

2. What are your top 5 favourite restaurants and why?

I live a healthy lifestyle as an athlete so the restaurant I frequent the most would be Wholesome Table Salcedo. They have healthy organic food from sustainable farms and the food tastes great as well. The other 4 in my top 5 would be: Elbert’s Steak Room: Great little spot in Salcedo with the best steak in Manila. Love coming here when I have family and friends visiting from out of town. Wildflour: Perfect place for weekend brunch. Walter Manzke has done a great job in bringing over his LA brunch scene to Manila. Hai Shin Lou: Our family favourite for Chinese food. Love the peking duck, fresh seafood, and, other amazing dishes. Antonio’s Tagaytay: A trip out of Manila but the setting and food is definitely worth it. Many blogs and websites rate it the best restaurant in the Philippines. Hole in the Wall: Not a restaurant but a great food court in Century City Mall. My wife and I love dinner and movie date night and always choose from their great selections before heading down to watch a movie.

Sean Anthony3. You are from Vancouver, was White Spot making an entrance to the Philippines a big deal for you?

White Spot definitely is a throwback to childhood especially when biting into a burger with their famous triple-o sauce. I liked that they are in the Philippines but hope they set up more locations for easier access.

4. What other North American brand do you miss and would like to see in the Philippines?

The food selection in Manila is actually great. We have a vast range of food from all over the world. But chains that I miss from North America would be Chipotle, Nektar juice bar, tender greens, and In and Out burger.

5. What is your favourite Philippine brand restaurant that should expand overseas?

There are Filipino Communities all over the world with our large network of overseas Filipinos. I’m sure they would love a taste of home which is why Jollibee is working on global franchising. Other filipino franchises that may do well overseas are Gerry’s Grill or Mesa.