We have another new team member Justin!

justin (1)Justin joins our PayrollHero Whistler office as a Client Success Hero with our support team. Despite being a Vancouver native now, he hails from the Philippines and brings our team an array of helpful attributes. Welcome Justin!

“I’m Justin, 25 years old and I can fit in your pocket! My motto has always been “Less is More.”

I moved to Vancouver from the Philippines in 1995 with my single mother and two older siblings. Fast forward: continuous soul searching, plenty of mistakes along the way, living off Craigslist gigs, and even worked as a VW/Audi mechanic at some point.

Now I live a purpose driven life that aligns my musical calling, with my spiritual calling.

You can catch me making beats in my man cave, DJ’ing at local/international nightclubs, weight training, being in the great outdoors and most importantly, building my relationships with the people who matter most to me.
I’ve had experience in many different fields, but the common denominator is this: Helping others. PayrollHero seems to be aligned with the same mentality of changing and helping how people live and work in the business world. That is why I’m more than excited to be part of such a passionate, driven, and most of all, friendly team! Thank you for reading!”

We would like to welcome Kieran Peppiatt to our team!

kieranAnother new team member has joined PayrollHero.  Meet Kieran, he hails from Scotland and has joined our Whistler office.  Welcome Kieran!

“Hello my name is Kieran. Apparently it’s an Irish name meaning little dark one. Although I have dark hair there is nothing little about me so this has always struck me as a bit of a misnomer! I am 26 years old and come from Scotland. This of course means I should have a deeply instilled love of drinking fine beverages, eating deep fried food and wearing kilts in ridiculously cold weather. In truth though I don’t really do much of the latter.

I went to school in a small town called Banchory which is in the North East of Scotland. I left at sixteen deciding that formal education wasn’t really my thing and got a job for a large financial institution. I started working there as a cashier and this was the role which cultivated my passion for helping people. From there I rose through the ranks and spent the next four years as a Business Adviser. Basically this meant I supported a large portfolio of businesses advising them on the best course of action for their company.

I really learned the importance of cultivating long term relationships with customers, getting it right first time and making it happen for my customers. So after that I have spent my time working in other customer orientated roles and occasionally visiting other countries.

With a background in finance and customer service coming to work for the Customer Success Team at PayrollHero seemed like a great fit. I love the excitement of working with a company that has such vision and passion for their customers. This attitude towards their customers is apparent in everything they do. They also have the very same attitude towards their staff to!

Look forward to this new adventure!”

Attend our Webinar Hosted by Brandon this Wednesday 4pm PST!


This Wednesday February 19th at 4pm PST or Thursday February 20th at 8am if you are in the Philippines, I will provide a webinar that is focused on our time, attendance and scheduling application of PayrollHero.

Who should attend?
This is intended for business owners and HR managers in restaurants, BPO businesses, hotels, retail and any other business that is reliant on hourly paid employees.

What is PayrollHero?
PayrollHero was designed to help prevent time theft in your business that costs businesses in the United States billions of dollars every year. Around 74% of organizations worldwide suffer from buddy punching and we want to help you eliminate that in your business (Nucleus research, global provider of IT advisory and research services.) I will get to show you first hand how the platform works and how it can help your company manage your staff!

What do I need to attend?
All you need to attend is a Skype account and a microphone if you wish to ask questions which are always welcome.

Sign up for this webinar on our site and I will contact you by email to receive your Skype account and add you to the conversation.

Hope to meet you soon!


PayrollHero Christmas 2013

We held this years Christmas dinner for the Whistler team last night and it was a great event.  PayrollHero along with our officemates from RideBooker.com shared a meal, drinks, the famous Filipino Balut and some fun games.  Here are a few pictures from the night;

unnamed(Stephen Jagger and Michael Stephenson)


unnamed-2(Ron from PayrollHero showing us how to take down a Balut egg)
unnamed-6 unnamed-7unnamed-9unnamed-8unnamed-1

Welcome Bram Whillock!


PayrollHero is proud to announce the addition of Bram to our team who hails from San Francisco as one of our new talented engineers.  We are very excited for our team to keep growing, welcome Bram to our Whistler office!

“Hi, I’m Bram but a lot of people call me Bramski.  I can best be described as a rugged adventurer.  I’m often to be found skiing steep snow on jagged mountains or climbing   even steeper cliff faces.  I spent 2 years of my life traveling the world west to east and my adventure resume not only includes some of the coolest mountains on the planet but also some of the more remote peoples and cultures.

I’m 30 years old and have been developing software for the web for the last 15 years both as an entrepreneur at small companies and a professional at bigger ventures.  I studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon where I focused in new ideas and research in computer and network security where I have some published work.

For me working for PayrollHero and living in Whistler is a dream realized.  Cutting edge technology, a great team, and an amazing place to be and live everyday.  You can find me living the dream either here at my desk or out in the wonderful mountains of BC.”


Welcome Brandon Strong


Another new team member has joined PayrollHero.  Meet Brandon, he hails from the US and has joined our Whistler office.  Welcome Brandon!

“Hi, I’m Brandon and I am 22 years young. I hail from Vancouver but I have also lived in San Francisco, Delaware, Washington, Kelowna B.C. all before moving to one of my favorite cities in the world Whistler B.C.
When I’m not in an office you will find me in the mountains with a snowboard in hand during winter and a downhill mountain bike in the summer. I am the definition of speed junkie and enjoy anything that has a motor and wheels or puts me airborne.
Besides traveling North America and finishing school in Canada, I have been involved in both business strategy and financial markets all while keeping an eye on up and coming entrepreneurial ventures.
My diverse background and abilities have led to the opportunity to work for PayrollHero as a Growth Hacker/Customer Success Hero and I could not be more excited. To find a company with so much potential and be based in Whistler has put all my passions in one place for which I am extremely grateful for.
I am looking forward to working with such a talented team and continuing to build a truly unique company.”

New PayrollHero Team Members – Welcome Sean and Mylene!

new members-good

PayrollHero continues to grow.  We have added 2 new team members to our Whistler team, Mylene from France and Sean from Australia.  Here is a quick introduction about each of them:

I’m Sean. I’m a 23 year old bloke from Australia. I am what some call a dabbler but I prefer Jack of all Trades. I’m the school chess captain, come obsessed surfer, fitness freak, and amateur snowboarder.

I grew up in a family of bankers but have an IT background; I have been pulling everything apart (Including PCs, Engines, and Houses) since before I can remember. I care heaps about my health, I am at the gym every other day and (whenever I can be bothered training) I run marathons.

I studied Accountancy at University of Wollongong where I build upon the knowledge passed down through my family and had the opportunity to practice these skills with my mothers bookkeeping business.

I now work in Customer Support for PayrollHero. I’m loving the opportunity to offer my financial and technical skills to an amazing startup and to the early adopter customers that they service.

Working with awesome people in an awesome startup in an awesome town is an unbelievable dream come true.

I can’t wait to help.

I’m Mylene, I’m 24 years old. I come from the north west of France. I arrived in Canada in February 2013 in Montreal and I did a road trip through Canada and I arrived in Whistler in October.

I like to travel, dance, cook, windsurf…  I’m more at ease on the sea than on the snow so I must improve my snowboarding. I am the same level in snowboarding as I am in English… 🙂

I’m a graphic designer and I work as the UI/UX designer for PayrollHero. I’m really glad I could join the team. You can see my previous work: 1000n.fr

#AdventureEngineer Ronald Maravilla Packs For Whistler

photo 2Ronald Maravilla, a native of the Philippines has been working with Mike Stephenson and myself since 2009.  When Ron joined us it was for Ubertor, our real estate software company.  When PayrollHero got off the ground a year and a half ago, Ron moved over to PayrollHero and joined as the second engineer building out the first stages of the platform.

Today is a big day!  

Ron has been accepted into Canada under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program and will be moving to our Whistler office as part of his #AdventureEngineering dream.

What is an #AdventureEngineer you ask? It is a term we coined as part of our offering to attract smart, hard working, talented enginners who wanted to work hard and play hard. This video sums it up:

Part of what PayrollHero offers to new team members is help with immigration into Canada. Interested in a job, you can see our available roles here – (Ruby) (iOS)

Join us!