July PayrollHero Unwrapped Caravan (CBTL, Philippines)

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PayrollHero’s Unwrapped Caravan is back in the Philippines for July and now is your chance to register. Our partners at New Leaf Ventures will be touring around Metro Manila showcasing PayrollHero at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf locations.

Want to join in? Register here. Don’t worry, they are free and a great way to see a live demo of PayrollHero and to learn more about how our time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS and Philippine payroll platform works.

Check out what Mita, from New Leaf Ventures has to say…

Happy Canada Day!

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With a few of our team members being from Canada, we wanted to wish everyone a happy Canada Day which is a federal statutory holiday!

The holiday which falls on July 1st celebrates the day 3 British colonies became unified in 1867 under a single country called Canada!

Interesting fact; Canada Day was originally named Dominion Day until it was renamed in 1982.

British Columbia, Canada Delegation Comes To The Philippines

Last night there was an event at the New World Hotel in Makati, Philippines held by the British Columbia Government to host a delegation of businesses that were in town to learn more about Southeast Asia and specifically the Philippines. It was an honour to be included as it was an intimate gathering that included the Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines, Neil Reeder and SMART’s President and CEO Napoleon Nazareno.

unnamed-3(L – R: Xuguang Huang, Trade Commissioner and Second Secretary at the Government of Canada; Stephen Jagger, PayrollHero; Irene Reeder; Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines Neil Reeder and Aidan Sullivan, PayrollHero)


(L – R: Stephen Jagger, PayrollHero; Napoleon Nazareno, President and CEO of Smart Communications and Xuguang Huang, Trade Commissioner and Second Secretary at the Government of Canada)

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Internet Issues in the Philippines? Offline Mode!

Does your company experience inconsistent internet in the Philippines? slow internet? brown outs? There are many reasons for this, you can read more about it here and try and push for change here.  But in the meantime, here is how we have built PayrollHero to ensure that internet issues don’t get in the way of your employees clocking in and out.

itunes-logoThe first way we accomplished this was via iOS (download: TeamClock / #MyClock). Companies using iPads (or iPhones) for their employees to clock in and out via PayrollHero can utilize the offline version of the app without even knowing the internet is offline. Most iOS apps have an offline version, for PayrollHero, the iOS app can gather clock ins/outs, gps location, photos, etc and then when the internet comes back online, sync the data with the cloud. It is a great way to deal with any internet issues your location may have.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.25.38 AMThe second way we have accomplished this via a Chrome App in the Google Chrome Web Store. The Chrome TeamClock App (in beta) functions the same way the iOS TeamClock does except it can function offline. Employees can clock in and out and when the internet comes back online it can sync with the data in the cloud to make sure all is up to date.

Plus you will notice a new feature – schedules. Employees can view their schedules from the Chrome TeamClock and managers can edit them. This new functionality is being moved over to iOS as well.  Watch for updates soon.

Let us know what you think. We are hard at work, building PayrollHero into the most robust, time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS, analytics and payroll platform in the world – with a keen eye on how things need to be done a bit differently for emerging markets!

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Startup DNA and How To Keep It

Amazon’s Pieter Kemps (Pieter Kemps – Principal, Business Development & Venture Capital, APAC, Amazon Web Services) spoke at the Echelon Conference the other day in Singapore on the topic of “Startup DNA and How To Keep it When You Build Your Company”. Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 3.30.43 PMHe focused his presentation around 3 companies; AirBnB, PayrollHero and Amazon.

Pieter spoke about how we use our culture as an asset when growing our team as well as how our Adventure Engineering concept came to be and why it has worked for us.  At the bottom of this post is a video about our #AdventureEngineering concept that explains more about why we do what we do.

One of the points Pieter made was how we are always hiring. Mike Stephenson has a slide deck on his phone that he uses to pitch prospective employees. It talks about what we are doing, our culture, adventure, living in the stretch as well as our need for A players.

Are you looking for a new challenge? Check out our video below and get in touch as we have opening in Southeast Asia and our Whistler, Canada office.

Meet the Candidates of the #SelfieAtWork Contest!

Our #SelfieAtWork Contest is a chance to show recognition for individuals who constantly bring positivity and a great attitude to your workplace. A happy team is a productive team and we hope to reward the people that make a difference! For the person who gets the most votes before June 20th when the contest ends, PayrollHero will be buying the winner and their team an awesome lunch! Be sure to like the Facebook page to vote and share the contest URL link with your friends and family and help your teammates win!

Go to the contest page to vote now! #PayrollHero #SelfieAtWork

Meet the Candidates!

Reabelle Chavez of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Reabelle Chavez CBTL

Billie Capistrano of Next Coffee Frontier

Billie Capistrano

Jan Lester “Jan” Mallar of MunchPunch


Angelito Luat of Tate Publishing

Angelito Luat of Tate Publishing

Maria Christine “Maria” Lebitania of Diane Pendle


Michael “Michael” Espina of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cebu


Dave Donggon of Faburitto

Dave Donggon

Mary Princess Ayana Miano Ibajo of The Picture Company

Mary Princess Ayana Miano Ibajo of The Picture Company

Paul Craig Perez of Krispy Kreme

Paul Craig Perez of Krispy Kreme

Michael Galera of Red Box

Michael Galera of Red Box

Go vote now and don’t forget to share amongst your teammates and friends!



Independence Day is Coming Up!


The regular holiday celebrates Philippines independence from Spanish rule on June 12th,1898 which marks an important point in history. We hope you have a great holiday! Check your PayrollHero calendars to ensure your employees are compensated appropriately.