Why Choose the TeamClock iOS over a Punch Clock or BioMetrics?

We put together an infographic and a new page on our website that showcases the value us using PayrollHero’s TeamClock iOS versus traditional punch clocks, biometrics or even Android. While our platform does work on Android, the experience is better on an iOS device. Check out the page and let us know what you think.

PayrollHero’s New Customer Feedback Tool (Beta)

Collect customer feedback in real time and get the results in the palm of your hand. Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.50.15 PMWe are launching the newest tool to the TeamClock, Customer Feedback. Now within your TeamClock iOS your employees can not only clock in and out for work, view their schedules and give feedback to management via the Daily Pulse but customers can get involved too.

Introducing Customer Feedback within the kiosk mode of PayrollHero’s TeamClock. We have launched the beta version of the Customer Feedback tool within Krispy Kreme, a PayrollHero Lab and will continue to roll out the product across their stores in the Philippines.

Customer Feedback lets your customers quickly and easily “like” a specific employee or the whole team right through the TeamClock iOS app. And in turn, those “likes” show up in the Xray Insights app in real time.  It’s time to rethink your punch clock!

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 1.06.42 PM

Want to see it in action? I shot a quick video that shows the Customer Feedback tool in action and how the data shows up in real time within the Xray Insights app.

Below is what the kiosk homepage looks like within Customer Feedback. It can be designed for any retail or restaurant brand.

aplly-portrait-KK-good unnamed

Did you notice the “Apply For A Job” button? More details on that soon…

PayrollHero TeamClock Chrome

Replace your old punch clock with a tool your employees will love!

The PayrollHero TeamClock Chrome App is designed to help managers, employees and business owners maintain control and efficiency in their business. Keep track of schedules in real time and know which worksite or branch employees are supposed to be working at any given moment. With the offline capabilities, ensure that all data is being kept safe and accurate even if internet is lost. Provide your decision makers with tools that engage employees and provide more accountability within your team. Learn more about our services at PayrollHero.com

Welcome to the new TeamClock Chrome…

… and goodbye to time_clock as of 09/03/2014.

006d6ade-a225-41bb-bcf8-f059852f0cd7Over the past few months we have received a lot of feedback on our online web based TeamClock app.  At PayrollHero we aim to be ridiculously client focused and make the improvements that you, our customer, want to see.  So we would like to introduce our new TeamClock chrome.  TeamClock chrome is designed to replace the time_clock page and be used on all computers, laptops etc.  This change does not effect iPad, iPhone or iPod users, TeamClock iOS will continue to offer the great experience your already use to.

So what new features does TeamClock chrome offer?

  1. Employees can view their schedule using the app
  2. Managers can make schedule changes using the app
  3. Offline Mode – If your worksite loses internet connection you will still be able to clock in and out. Once the internet is restored the app will resync with our servers.
  4. The app is quicker and more responsive.

So, we have decided to discontinue the existing teamclock. We feel that we have a far better experience in our new app.  It is more reliable and the feedback we have had from the clients that have been testing it is excellent.  

What this mean is your worksites will need to download the new app.  The app works as an extension to the chrome browser.  You will need google chrome to run this app.  For instructions on how to install the app please just go to this link. (to install go here)

If you have any questions about this change or anything please don’t hesitate to contact us at support at payrollhero.com we are always happy to help.

Internet Issues in the Philippines? Offline Mode!

Does your company experience inconsistent internet in the Philippines? slow internet? brown outs? There are many reasons for this, you can read more about it here and try and push for change here.  But in the meantime, here is how we have built PayrollHero to ensure that internet issues don’t get in the way of your employees clocking in and out.

itunes-logoThe first way we accomplished this was via iOS (download: TeamClock / #MyClock). Companies using iPads (or iPhones) for their employees to clock in and out via PayrollHero can utilize the offline version of the app without even knowing the internet is offline. Most iOS apps have an offline version, for PayrollHero, the iOS app can gather clock ins/outs, gps location, photos, etc and then when the internet comes back online, sync the data with the cloud. It is a great way to deal with any internet issues your location may have.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.25.38 AMThe second way we have accomplished this via a Chrome App in the Google Chrome Web Store. The Chrome TeamClock App (in beta) functions the same way the iOS TeamClock does except it can function offline. Employees can clock in and out and when the internet comes back online it can sync with the data in the cloud to make sure all is up to date.

Plus you will notice a new feature – schedules. Employees can view their schedules from the Chrome TeamClock and managers can edit them. This new functionality is being moved over to iOS as well.  Watch for updates soon.

Let us know what you think. We are hard at work, building PayrollHero into the most robust, time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS, analytics and payroll platform in the world – with a keen eye on how things need to be done a bit differently for emerging markets!

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.16.15 AM

Have you ever wondered if your employees are costing you money from budging hours?

webinar5Let us show you how to make buddy punching and time theft stop. Join me this Thursday April 3 for our Webinar about time attendance, worksites and managing schedules. I will show how our platform can ensure nobody is costing you more money than you should be paying. This free webinar only requires you to sign up to save your seat and a secure internet connection for skype to work well.

When: April 3rd 2014 @ 1pm Philippine Time
Where: Skype

What will you learn?

– How PayrollHero’s selfie clock in eliminates buddy punching and ghost employees
– How to schedule your hourly employees quickly and easily
– How automation works to make managing your team easier
– How resolving attendance infractions is quick, easy and in real time
– How our transparent, real time analytics helps your employees change their attendance behaviour
– How our multi-worksite functionality enables you to monitor your growing team
– How PayrollHero makes your managers job easier by sending out automated, timely emails based on attendance infractions
– How our human resources information system (HRIS) systemizes your HR team

PayrollHero Update: HTML5 Camera

Great News! – The PayrollHero PhotoBooth has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technology from Google. We’re about to rollout a new PhotoBooth for both the MyClock Web and TeamClock Web and it utilizes a HTML 5 camera.

This will make the MyClock Web and TeamClock Web pages even faster and smoother on your Google Chrome Browser.

This means we are no longer using Adobe Flash to power the Camera and all the prior manual Flash configuration settings have been replaced with a single, one-time click of the Allow button the first time you use it.

More details here.

payroll hero philippine payroll

Attend our Webinar Hosted by Brandon this Wednesday 4pm PST!


This Wednesday February 19th at 4pm PST or Thursday February 20th at 8am if you are in the Philippines, I will provide a webinar that is focused on our time, attendance and scheduling application of PayrollHero.

Who should attend?
This is intended for business owners and HR managers in restaurants, BPO businesses, hotels, retail and any other business that is reliant on hourly paid employees.

What is PayrollHero?
PayrollHero was designed to help prevent time theft in your business that costs businesses in the United States billions of dollars every year. Around 74% of organizations worldwide suffer from buddy punching and we want to help you eliminate that in your business (Nucleus research, global provider of IT advisory and research services.) I will get to show you first hand how the platform works and how it can help your company manage your staff!

What do I need to attend?
All you need to attend is a Skype account and a microphone if you wish to ask questions which are always welcome.

Sign up for this webinar on our site and I will contact you by email to receive your Skype account and add you to the conversation.

Hope to meet you soon!