Itemised Payslips Required by Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) have developed a set of Tripartite Guidelines on the issuance of itemised payslips, as a first step towards supporting this progressive workplace practice. The tripartite partners agree that the provision of itemised payslips to employees is a good employment practice which raises employees’ awareness of their salary components. It also facilitates the resolution of salary disputes. MOM’s intent is to eventually mandate the issuance of itemised payslips within the next two years.” (via MOM)

Is your company prepared? Are you currently giving your employees itemised payslips?

PayrollHero can help. When you run a Singapore payroll via PayrollHero our platform automatically generates the payslips as well as emails them to all employees. The process is quick and easy and ensures employees are in the know with how much they were paid and what the deductions were.

Want to see a PayrollHero Singapore payslip?

New Feature: Additional Threshold Settings

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PayrollHero’s resolve attendance functionality is a robust tool that lets your managers make decisions on infractions coming from employee time and attendance. PayrollHero not only tracks employee time and attendance data, but serves up powered analytics so that the employee and management can see the results. Plus, the resolve attendance tool tracks what infractions are being adjusted to and who is doing the adjusting. It is a fantastic way to have your finger on the pulse of your teams time and attendance.

We added 3 more thresholds to make managing attendance even easier.

1. Unscheduled Work:

We have added the ability to auto resolve unscheduled work. With this setting you can decide if you would like auto approve certain amount of time for your employees shift, or consider certain amount of time as part of the schedule.

For example:
Hiro has a 9am to 5pm shift. He clocks out at 5.45pm.
If Submit as is is configured for 60 minutes, 45 minutes will be added to Hiro’s shift without you having to resolve this attendance.
If Revert to Schedule is configured for 60 minutes, Hiro’s clock out will revert back to 5pm without you having to resolve this attendance.

If Hiro has the same 9am to 5pm shift and he clocks out at 6.15pm, and either of this settings is configured for 60 minutes you will have to resolve his attendance.

resolving attendance payroll dtr

You can find more details about setting up the Unscheduled Work threshold on our Automatically resolving unscheduled work Knowledge Base article.


2. Undertime

This threshold gives you the ability to auto resolve under time work. With this, you can auto submit as is or revert to schedule certain amount of time when an employee does not complete the shift.

For example:
Hiro has a 9am to 5pm shift. He clocks out at 4.55pm.
If Submit as is is configured for 15 minutes, 5 minutes will be subtracted from Hiro’s shift without you having to resolve this attendance.
If Revert to Schedule is configured for 15 minutes, Hiro’s clock out will revert back to 5pm without you having to resolve this attendance.

If Hiro has the same 9am to 5pm shift and he clocks out at 4.30pm, and either of this settings is configured for 15 minutes you will have to resolve this attendance.

dtr undertime

You can find more details about setting up the Undertime threshold on our Auto resolution of Undertime Knowledge Base article.

3. Multiple Clock Ins / Outs

This threshold is particularly useful for employees that forgot if they did or not clock in already and clock in again to make sure before the system gets to update, and for settings where the internet connection is a bit unstable and employees clock in or out multiple times because their status not being updated.

With this threshold you can configure the amount of time between 2 or more clockings to be considered the same.

So for example Hiro clocks in at 9.00am and a bit unsure if he had clocked in or not correctly because internet was down that morning at his office, he goes back and clocks in again at 9.03am.
If this threshold is configured for 5 minutes:

Use the earliest clock in as their clock in time: Hiro’s 9.03am clock in is ignored and no duplicate clock in will need to be resolved as the 9.00am is submitted automatically.
Use the latest clock in as their clock in time: Hiro’s 9.00am clock in is ignored and no duplicate clock in will need to be resolved as the 9.03am clocking is submitted automatically.

With this setting we are confident that most if not all duplicate clocking resolutions will be gone!

attendance management tool

You can find more details about setting up the resolution for Multiple Clockings on our Multipliers Knowledge Base.


New: Offline Support comes to TeamClock Android

punch clock for android offlineGreat news, we have just release an update to the TeamClock Android app within the Google Play Store. This version supports offline clocking and breaks. If your device looses it’s internet connection your employees can continue to clock in, take breaks, clock out and the data will be stored on the device until an internet connection is re-established.

When the device connects to the internet the clockings and breaks will be sent to web application for attendance processing.

Now, PayrollHero’s TeamClock Chrome, TeamClock iOS and TeamClock Android all support offline mode.

New: Employee Financial Institution Enrolment Authentication Policy

security payroll softwareAs we continue to expand our payroll software platform we are adding a new function to our onboarding process. Now, when a new customer is onboarded or a customer adds a new employee to their account they can authenticate their employees bank accounts. This will ensure that the right employee is paid when running payroll and eliminate any issues or fraud, ghost employees or data entry errors when dealing with financial institutions.

The policy is being added to our terms of service but you can read it below:

PayrollHero’s platform enables clients to authenticate all employee’s bank accounts by doing two deposits of random amounts into each employees bank account. The employee then confirms the deposit amounts within PayrollHero to verify that their bank account is correct.

This process ensures that the right employee is paid the right amount into the right financial institution account.  

If the client has completed this process and their is an issue with the bank deposits, PayrollHero will apply the following service credits to the clients PayrollHero account:

– 100% of their month’s fees will be credited on their next invoice

If the client has NOT completed this process and their is an issue related to bank accounts receiving an incorrect amount, the client is completely responsible.

PayrollHero’s TeamClock for Android

Hirowallpaper1The PayrollHero TeamClock is now available in the Google Play Store for your Android devices. It is currently available in the Philippines and will be released worldwide within a week. This is the first version of the TeamClock for Android, up until now clients have been using the TeamClock Chrome for the employees clock in and clock out needs.

The Android TeamClock enables your employees to clock in and out and take breaks. Offline mode and other functionality will be coming soon.

Android Min. Requirements:
1.2 Megapixel front camera (960 x 1280)
Android KitKat and Lollipop

If you have questions about TeamClock for Android please reach out to our team. For information about Philippine Payroll Software, Singapore Payroll Software or time and attendance tools be sure to contact us.

New Feature: China Bank Payroll Summary and ACA File.

The China Bank Payroll Summary PDF and the China Bank Automatic Credit Arrangement (ACA) files are now available for download from the Forms Page.

You can access them from your Payroll > Reports > Forms page.

China Bank Payroll Summary PDF screenshot:

China Bank Automatic Credit Arrangement file screenshot:


To learn more about PayrollHero, contact us for a free consultation.


New Feature: BDO Payroll File Version 2

The new BDO Enrollable Report v2 Form is now available for you to download on PayrollHero!

For customers that need to use the BDO Payroll File v2 you can select the new form on your accounts Payroll > Reports > Forms page.

The new form is called “Philippines: Payroll BDO Payroll Version 2

58810eae-7fa7-4043-b55b-13e3bec7ef29See what other bank files can be generated for the Philippines.

Going Open Source with our Singapore Payroll Gems

At PayrollHero we are proud of our work and want to share it with the business community of Singapore.  Over the coming months we intend to release the payroll aspects of our code for free to the public.

That’s right, we are going open source with our Singapore payroll code!  Any developer or interested party will be able to scrutinize the code responsible for Singapore Payroll calculations like CPF.  PayrollHero’s payroll transparency will allow anyone the opportunity to use our code . It will engage the software community to provide the best possible product to all our clients – this will result with furthering our mission to bring Payroll Accuracy for Singapore Employees.

We write our software using a language called Ruby on the Ruby on Rails Framework (we flew DHH to Whistler in 2004). The Ruby community is a passionate collection of developers who have helped us create the HR Platform we have today. This is our opportunity to give back to the community who helped us get to where we are today.

Not a developer but you are interested in learning more about the quality of our code at PayrollHero?  We use a program called code climate that systematically grades every line of code that we write.  It helps us to write the best code possible and gives a neutral and outside indication of it’s quality using a GPA system.  We don’t release anything less than a 4.0 GPA!

code climate singapore payrollSecurity important to you? Our code also receives a Security Scan performed every few hours for potential vulnerabilities. When anything is found we immediately act on the alert.

Here are the links you need for our Singapore Payroll CPF Gem:

Source Code:
Code Climate Score:

Singapore Payroll Software by PayrollHeroWant to learn more about PayrollHero Singapore? Head over to to find out more about our Charter Client Program.

PayrollHero’s New Customer Feedback Tool (Beta)

Collect customer feedback in real time and get the results in the palm of your hand. Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.50.15 PMWe are launching the newest tool to the TeamClock, Customer Feedback. Now within your TeamClock iOS your employees can not only clock in and out for work, view their schedules and give feedback to management via the Daily Pulse but customers can get involved too.

Introducing Customer Feedback within the kiosk mode of PayrollHero’s TeamClock. We have launched the beta version of the Customer Feedback tool within Krispy Kreme, a PayrollHero Lab and will continue to roll out the product across their stores in the Philippines.

Customer Feedback lets your customers quickly and easily “like” a specific employee or the whole team right through the TeamClock iOS app. And in turn, those “likes” show up in the Xray Insights app in real time.  It’s time to rethink your punch clock!

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 1.06.42 PM

Want to see it in action? I shot a quick video that shows the Customer Feedback tool in action and how the data shows up in real time within the Xray Insights app.

Below is what the kiosk homepage looks like within Customer Feedback. It can be designed for any retail or restaurant brand.

aplly-portrait-KK-good unnamed

Did you notice the “Apply For A Job” button? More details on that soon…